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When you need an expert to apply Quartz Coatings Nano Technology, and performance coatings for all types of flooring solutions, 1K Polyurethane Stone carpet system is a durable city building application that absorbs and evacuates water. Quartz Coatings pty ltd   is the only company to choose for quality and excellence


Resistant to water and all kinds of chemicals


Maximum load resistance: 42-45 tons


Safe Anti-slip stable surface


Water discharge capacity of 500 lt/m2 per minute


Your Driveway, Garage, Carports Clean Forever♥


Suitable for disabled person’s walking

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What is Quartz Coatings Elastics Indoor - Outdoor Stone Carpet Resin?

Quartz Coatings  is a fully aliphatic 1K polyurethane. In combination with our marble, quartz, glass and granite granules, sustainable and seamless surfaces can be produced with individually tunable drainage.
Due to the unique formulation, Quartz Coatings achieves a light fastness of Stage 7 according to EN ISO 105-B02 and this meets the highest standard – no yellowing.
The 1K PUQuartz Coatings is a solvent-free stone carpet resin for professionals.Quartz Coatings can be used for indoor and outdoor areas.
Quartz Coatings resin does not foam and does not form CO2 gases in high humidity or accidental contact with water.

  • Polyurethane based
  • Transparent
  • Aliphatic
  • One Component
  • Specially developed for exterior and interior resin
  • Low consumption of approximately in proportion to the decorative material
  • High pressure resistance
  • Permeable to wir
  • Temperature and frost resistant
  • No frothing

Ideal for Residential and Industrial

Our quartz flooring gets its superior durability from a state-of-the-art polyurea build. This concrete polyurea coating system utilizes five distinct layers for maximum strength, including a basecoat and topcoat that are especially helpful in wet or moisture-prone areas; (read tech specs)

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When you need an expert to apply epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic, and performance coatings for all types of flooring solutions, Quartz Coatings is the only company to choose for quality and excellence. We can coat residential  & commercial floors+walls, and industrial Quartz floors in Victoria & Australia wide.

We Only Use Environmentally-Friendly Products & Equipment

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The entire team at Quartz Coatings is committed to contributing to a much greener and healthier Planet Earth. It is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment through clean technology, environmentally-friendly products, recycling initiatives, and waste reduction.

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