Who we are

When you need an expert to apply epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic, and performance coatings for all types of flooring solutions, Quartz Coatings is the only company to choose for quality and excellence. We can coat residential & commercial floors and walls, and industrial Quartz floors in Victoria & Australia wide.

We Only Use Environmentally-Friendly Products & Equipment.

Why Choose Us?

The entire team at Quartz Coatings is committed to contributing to a much greener and healthier Planet Earth. It is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment through clean technology, environmentally-friendly products, recycling initiatives, and waste reduction.

With our help, you can enjoy a beautifully Quartz coated and polished residential or Commercial floor or Walls for any occasion and you can take part in making an eco-friendlier world! Just call our friendly and knowledgeable team today to schedule your service or to talk more about our product options.


Principles Of Our Work

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    We know what it takes to have a successful project from the design stage to the end result. We offer complete specifications for many different solutions.

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    Quartz Coatings solutions are unmatched in the industry and will provide you with superior durability with real Quartz Stone but NOT a fake cheap river stones.

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    A revolutionary innovation that makes maintenance easier, faster, more efficient and more sustainable; Nanoparticles adhere to the surface, so that other substances do not get any grip on them. An ultra-thin, vitreous layer forms, which guarantees an extreme shelf life. The Nano effect is also called lotus effect, because the leaves of the lotus flower keep themselves clean and are insensitive to moisture and dirt in the same way.

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    Quartz stone is a precious stone composed of minerals from crystal group. The hardness level of the quartz stone, which has the crystallization feature, is very high. It is very resistant to sudden changes in temperature. The self-cleaning aspect (light rain is sufficient), stable UV durability greatly improve the durability to corrosion and continued crumbling, is resistant to soot, dirt, dust, mildew and mold pollution. In this manner Nano-Stone ST-3 protects and preserves, as new, the initial attributes of the coated surface for an extended period of many years.

Trusted specialists in Quartz Stone Flooring & Permeable Paving