Application Conditions

Easihold needs to be applied on to clean, dry stones. So a period of good weather in advance is important. Old stones can be dirty and contain debris, and new stones can have silt deposits from the quarry. It’s important to wash down with a hose pipe prior to application of Easihold. Contaminants will prevent an effective bond being achieved between the stones.

In good weather conditions, Easihold continues to gain strength for 48 hours. It’s important Easihold is allowed to do this, in good weather conditions. Easihold is a water based product, and so rain will dilute the liquid and limit the bond strength achieved from the product.

Suitable Base

Easihold should be applied on to a free draining surface. This is for 2 reasons: Easihold is water based and so will break down if submerged in water for long periods of time (2 days or more). Stones saturated in water will experience a freeze thaw effect that will break down the bonds between the stones. A free draining base will allow water to run away. The perfect base for Easihold is compacted stone – strong and stable, but free draining to allow water to flow through.

Suitable Stones

Easihold works best with stones 4-10mm in diameter. Even larger stones up to 20mm diameter will bond using Easihold, but will exhibit reduced performance. Angular stones interlock better than rounded stones, and give improved performance.


Pour on

Easihold can be poured from a watering can. We recommend using a maximum of 1 litre per m2, ensuring your stones are evenly coated. Ensure you use a watering can with a steady flow that disperses Easihold liquid evenly across the stones. This method is quite straightforward, without the use of specialist equipment and ensures good penetration into the stones. The one main consideration with this method, and all methods of application of Easihold is over saturation. Easihold is air drying - application of excessive amounts of Easihold will leave the surface wet and unbonded.

Mix Application

You can purchase Easihold with stones as a bundle. These bundles are great for ensuring you have all the right products, delivered from one place. The mixing application technique is typically stronger than other application methods – a result of guaranteeing each stone is evenly coated with Easihold. And it can be neater too - both pouring and spraying application techniques can risk splashes on to your paving, or surrounding areas. We recommend to mix the Easihold and stones until they’re evenly coated – usually 2 litres is enough to coat a standard 20kg bag of stones. You can mix smaller ratios, for example 1 litre with 12.5kg or 800ml with 10kg. We can recommend to mix using a drill and paddle, or for smaller quantities, you can mix up using a gauging trowel until evenly coated. You can use the mixing method with existing stones if they’re clean. And equally, you can buy our stones separately, and then use the Pour On or Spray On method – you’re not limited to one particular application method.

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