Commercial Paving

Commercial Paving

Our team of professionals can install permeable paving tailored to your specific requirements, whether it's for multi-unit sites, commercial developments, or buildings. We offer a variety of colors and blends for our permeable paving, which is constructed using high-strength resin and reinforced with steel to ensure durability. Our experienced installation team will ensure that your permeable concrete delivers the desired results for your project.

When you choose us for your permeable paving installation, you can expect a porous concrete base that is reinforced to meet the demands of your application, as well as access to a full range of colors and custom blends at no additional cost. Our resin-bound permeable paving is the best on the market, providing exceptional quality and long-lasting results. We can install permeable paving for various applications, including commercial driveways, roads, carparks, steep grades, forecourts, courtyards, public spaces, footpath tree surrounds, and root-sensitive paving in structural root zones of protected trees.


By choosing us for your permeable paving installation, you’re getting:

  • A porous concrete base reinforced to the strength your application needs
  • A full range of colours and custom blends, all at the same price
  • The best resin-bound permeable paving on the market.

We can install permeable paving suitable for:

  • Commercial driveways
  • Roads and carparks
  • Steep grades including basement ramps
  • Forecourts, courtyards, and large public spaces
  • Footpath tree surrounds
  • Root sensitive paving in structural root zones of protected trees

Commercial Paving For Melbourne Workspaces

Is your workplace lacking in aesthetic appeal? If so, it's time to call on the best commercial paving contractors in Melbourne - Quartz Coatings. With years of industry experience, our team of commercial paving professionals are committed to enhancing the look of your business and delivering an elegant finish that will impress. Our bold yet natural paving solutions are unmatched in quality and style, making us an excellent choice for your next commercial project. 

For more information on about our high-quality commercial resurfacing services, contact 03 9331 7657. We are happy to answer any questions and discuss how we can help you transform your workplace. 

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