Quartz stone is a natural stone composed of minerals from crystal groups making its strength and durability levels extremely high to pressure and temperature levels. The eco-friendly stones are all natural in their own colours and characteristics meaning they have in no way been painted or coloured. Due to this, there may be minimal variations to the colours at times from the pictures and brochures. We have 12 different colour schemes to choose from, alternatively we can custom design colours to suit your individual needs.
2-5mm Open Pore System
Pure Granite (QC 980)
Sand Stone (QC 814)
Granite Mix (QC 983)
Blue Stone Mix (QC 413)
Terracotta (QC 713)
Black Stone (QC 212)
Dark Blue Stone Mix (QC 412)
Crystal White (QC 109)
Black & White (QC 213)
Mocha (QC 770)
Blue Stone (QC 410)
Royal Green (QC 210)
1-3mm Pore Filled System
Crystal White (QC 109)
Royal Green (QC 210)
Terracotta (QC 713)
Blue Stone Mix (QC 413)
Granite Mix (QC 983)
* The colours shown on this webpage are intended as a guide only. As the stones are derived from natural sources, colours may vary from batch to batch.
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